Sep 2, 2009

We <3 Japan

I Love Factory is getting some love over seas in a recent issue of Madame Figaro Japan. Featured above the White Dahlia, the Sherman, the Windsor and the Lefferts. If anyone can translate this article for us that would be great!

the factory

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  1. hi,
    i'm a japanese who like your creativity.
    it was thanks of this article that i found you luckily.
    I'm not so good enough at english .but I try to translate into your language.

    I hope you understand !

    Hairpieces that attract high fashion people
    Prevailingly coloured on ivory and black, "I love factory" hairpieces could be called miniature hats and new accesories. High popularity by being not only cute but also elegant and chic. An outstanding fashionable couple in NY nightscene ; Laurel St. Romain and Christopher Garbushian , they create all works by hands .Enjoy their sense of couture that celebrities also are into.