Sep 10, 2009

Fashion's Night Out

So many times we all take New York for granted, but Thursday September 10 was more magical than any night either of us have had here in a very long time. Everyone worked so hard to make it happen and Fashion's Night Out was a huge success. Crazy amounts people were out and about on the streets of New York tonight shopping and interacting in the organized chaos.

I was inspired to write this after speaking with so many unique and creative people. Each of whom embody such a endearing charm that upon meeting them you are swooped off to a far away land that only they have the key for.

Milliners are strong natured people. Who see the world from different perspective. They absorb whats around them and project what they see onto their hats. The result is masterful works of art that take on a life and personality of their own, and change the personality of the wearer.

Laurel and I started out our scavenger hunt at Ellen Christine Millinery in Chelsea, and then onto The Hat Shop in SoHo, and finally ending our adventure at Lisa Schaub in NoLita. Everyone was so sweet and we were honored to be in the presence of New York's Millinery elite. We had so much fun talking to everyone and finding the clues to each piece. And in the end Laurel won a beautiful white hat from Lisa Shaub. YAY!


the factory

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