Dec 28, 2010

The Definition of Grand

Sonia Yoon, Co - Founder and Creative Director of BENSONI wearing the Blazing Star from the Perennial Poltergeists collection.

Dec 20, 2010

Holiday Windows At Bergdorfs

Every year when the Holiday season comes around iconic Fifth Avenue New York store Bergdorf Goodman creates the most imaginative window displays!!! This year is no different!!!  There was an abundance of beautiful hats and head pieces perfect for ringing in the New Year.  Now they just need some I Love Factory pieces and it would be complete!  ; )


Dec 2, 2010

Vuu Collective Launches

We are so honored to be featured as one of the Vuu Collective's 24 up & coming artists!  Editor-n-Chief Margo Dooney and her team have been hard at work on the very first issue of Vuu.  This is a major day for them!  Congratulations to all the artists that were featured in this issue and to the entire Vuu Collective!

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