Aug 21, 2009

Scattered Pieces

All Photos Taken by Alyssa Lori Morano for Scatterheart Travel
It's been a long time in the making but recent events have inspired our good friend Alyssa to launch her own travel and adventure blog. And we couldn't be more excited! Alyssa takes so much from every experience she has around the world. She has traveled to some of the most remote locations, living with tribes in the jungles of Central America, taking wooden boats up the Meekong River in Southeast Asia and has road tripped all around Western Europe. That is just the half of it. She is an extremely talented photographer who really understands the environment she is in and knows how to capture the moment. She has won numerous awards for her travel photography and continues to be an inspiration to all who know her.

You can check out Alyssa's travels at Scatterheart Travel.
Keep up the great work Alyssa!

We LOVE her.

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